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I am absolutely OBSESSED with this and I’m not even lying. Not pictured that you NEED to buy is the body butter, my SIL bought it and I’m so mad I didn’t get my own. It all smells so good I can’t even explain. Can’t wait til I’m back home to buy more soap and the body butter for myself. 10/10 FOR REAL!!!! Hannah’s Paradise I’m about to take 5 showers a day just so I can use this. Lol.

Deme Cross

The set up is very beautiful and professional. It’s the positive affirmations for me. As soon as I opened the box, the aromas of the soap and body butter hit my nose. The scent is sooo pleasant. The soap literally leaves the body squeaky clean. The bathroom smelled just like the soap. The body butter left my body feeling smooth, also it doesn’t leave that greasy feeling behind. Btw I used mood 4 Eva soap and body butter. Definitely buying more.

Ana McClinton


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