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Shine Bright

$15.00 USD

Product description: Shine bright is a staple at Hannah's Paradise, because it's not just any old sugar scrub! It's emulsified, meaning when applied it turns into a milky, lotion like consistency. Imagine the moisturizing capabilities in that combo! It's a wonderful gentle exfoliator, the sugar just melts when it hits water.

PLUS, shine bright just got TWICE the size!! Now you get to experience double the goodness of this emulsified sugar scrub. It's packed with skin nourishing ingredients like turmeric shea butter, vitamin E, carrot powder and carrot extract!

To get the best experience and results, first wet your face ( or whichever body part you plan to us it on) with warm water and gently massage the product on your skin. You will immediately feel the sugar melt and a ultra moisturizing milky foam will begin to develop. At this point you can rinse off and witness how soft and bright your skin feels and appears.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, turmeric shea butter, jojoba oil, cetyl alcohol, polysorbate 80, glyceral stearate, carrot extract, carrot powder, vitamin E, skin safe preservative and fragrance

Weight: 6 oz