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Radiant Glow is remarkably light weight and skin soothing which is due to all the nourishing ingredients incorporated into this facial oil. There are absolutely no fillers nor toxic ingredients in it. What is in it then?...

Jojoba Oil- balances oily skin, softens and plumps, fades lines and wrinkles and boost your natural skin glow

Squalane Oil- softens skin, prevents skin irritation, helps fade dark spots, and naturally produced in the epidermis layer of your skin

Meadowfoam Seed Oil- locks in moisture, light weight, easily absorbs into your skin, non comedogenic (doesn't clog your pores) and leaves skin feeling plump and dewy

Bergamot Essential Oil- anti-bacterial properties

Rose Petals- natural moisturizer, humectant and soothes troubled skin

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, squalane oil, meadowfoam seed oil, bergamot essential oil, dried rose petals

Weight: 4 oz